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The primary aim of MLD Support Association UK is to use donations and grants received to support and assist families affected by Metachromatic Leukodystrophy, by providing a forum for sharing information, and to advise families of any other assistance which might be available to them. There is a hope that we will eventually be able to hold regional or national gatherings when sufficient funds are available, so that families can meet one another in a relaxed atmosphere.

The secondary aim is to provide research grants to bona fide organisations who are seeking therapeutic treatment for MLD. The Association has promised that 20% of any income received will be donated in this way.

All donations will be acknowledged, and will help tremendously in our aims to ease the burden of families affected by this terrible condition.

Cheques: Cheques should be made payable to ‘MLD Support Association UK’ and sent to the office address in Milton Keynes.  As we are registered for Gift Aid by HMRC, please download, complete the details, and send in the Gift Aid form with your cheque. This will help us to increase the value of your donation.

Cash donations: We are unable to publish our bank account details because of the likelihood of criminal activity from those who ‘trawl the net’ seeking such information. However, if we are notified of an event which will result in a cash donation, we can liaise with the organiser about how the cash can be banked.

‘JustGiving’ and ‘Just Text Giving’:   We are now registered with JustGiving. Go to and you can search for our charity.  If you are holding an event you can set up a page on their website for your supporters to give funds to our charity.  You can also text META38 and the amount to donate to 70070.

‘Loose Change’ counter collection boxes will be made available to supporters who feel they could take on the role of a local distributor/collector/banker, and we would welcome anyone who is willing to help in this way. A ‘Supporter’s Pack’ would include all that you would require. Please send in your request via the Contact Form.

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About us

MLD Support Association UK was set up to bring hope to families in the fight to eradicate Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD). Our aim is to provide support by way of shared information from people in similar circumstances who have already experienced the effects of the condition and/or any treatments available.

MLD Support Association UK

MLD Support Association UK is a
Registered Charity Number 1150542

Professor Timothy M Cox, MD, FRCP, FMedSci
Suzi Digby (Lady Eatwell) OBE
Iain Stewart MP


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