Epsom golf charity day – 14 March 2015

MLD Support Association Golf DayMLD Support Association UK Golf DayThe Trustees would like to thank Elliott and Leanne Whattingham, Denise Hodgson, Amy, Gail and Chris for organising an all-day Golf Event at the Epsom Golf Club. Their family suffered two bereavements from MLD and organised this day in their loved ones’ honour. It was an amazing feat of organisation and they gathered together almost 60 golfers who took part in the challenge, together with some members of the club.

The day started in high spirits with coffee and bacon butties. The golfers assembled and gradually Teed off in small teams. There was banter and obvious competitiveness among the group and, luckily, although a little cold the weather was kind and didn’t rain.

As the groups came back, there was the serious business of adding up the scores. After some much needed sustenance and a few drinks the winners were announced, including a “hole in one”. Then an introduction of the charity and what we do, followed by an exciting and exuberant raffle and auction. I could not believe the enthusiasm for the charity and the generosity of the golfers. In the end we made £4,000 for the charity – a sum we could never have imagined attaining.

Looking forward to next year…

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