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What is a Cookie?

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How does it work?

When you register with us, the cookie will store certain data, so that your details are accessed immediately the next time you visit. This is a means of enhancing your experience with our website so that you don’t have to repeat the same set of questions and answers every time you visit.

What information is stored?

Each organisation has its own set of data parameters. At this time we have not determined what information we would gather, but it is likely to be: Your name; Your address; whether or not you, or a close family member, are personally affected by MLD; if you are a donor (whether affected or not) – it would record whether or not we had received a Gift Aid Declaration.

Privacy and Security:

We only use your information for administration purposes, and would not pass the data to any other person or organisation without your express permission. All information is password protected and not legally accessible to unauthorised persons.

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About us

MLD Support Association UK was set up to bring hope to families in the fight to eradicate Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD). Our aim is to provide support by way of shared information from people in similar circumstances who have already experienced the effects of the condition and/or any treatments available.

MLD Support Association UK

MLD Support Association UK is a
Registered Charity Number 1150542

Professor Timothy M Cox, MD, FRCP, FMedSci
Suzi Digby (Lady Eatwell) OBE
Iain Stewart MP


MLD Support Association UK
Floor 5
Amphenol Business Complex
Thanet Way

Tel: 07977 440809